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Parish Plan

On the 11th February 2010 the Development Control (Policy) Committee of Wychavon District Council recommended to its Executive Board that the ‘Sedgeberrow Parish Plan’ be adopted as Local Information Sources, to offer advice and to be a material consideration to the relevant Departments of Wychavon District Council.

The Parish Plan steering groups, Parish Councils and residents of the respective communities were commended for preparing the Parish Plan and encouraged to continue to implement and review the Action Plan as and when necessary.

This was a well deserved tribute and on this page you can find some details of environmental issues that were raised in the plan and which SeSaME is keen to pursue.

There are moves afoot in 2018/19 to begin creating a Neighbourhood Plan, as required by recent new planning developments - Watch this space.


In its introduction it recorded that. “This Parish Plan provides a record of our recent and present community; and also highlights your views to further enhance and strengthen community matters and community spirit."

“In strengthening our community, issues unique to Sedgeberrow can be dealt with in the most effective way, whilst bearing in mind our responsibility to wider global concerns affecting all communities – climate change, peak oil and reliance on imported food. Addressing these issues will enable us to make the transition towards sustainability a process for enjoyment, challenge and celebration.”

The Plan arose from a survey that was carried out amongst villagers. It revealed priorities that SeSaME will support and pursue as part of its sustainability aims.

VILLAGE HALL. The Wish List for the Village Hall that was compiled by 140 households was topped with: The Village Shop (84%), Mobile Post Office (70%) and a Local Produce Market (68%), in that order of preference. They were the top 3 of 22 suggestions.

Priority Role for SeSaME: Local services to reduce travel time and fuel wastage.

Targets: Village Shop & Pub


RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES. The Wish List for Recreational activities listed Enhanced Footpaths (66%), Wildlife Habitats (66%), Road verge tree planting, Woodland/Orchard, Natural Play Area, Allotments /Gardens, in that order of preference. The first two second only to Festival/Events.

Priority Role for SeSaME: Biodiversity and enhanced habitats.

Targets: Footpath conservation, Tree planting and Wildlife areas. Litter picking.


ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES. There were mixed messages about environmental issues. 41% of households felt that enough consideration was given to environmental and sustainability issues, whilst 25% disagreed and 4.5% wanted more. As with Recycling there has been a greater District emphasis, since the survey, on these two issues and SeSaMe will aim to inform and encourage energy conservation and production, whilst building on the advantages arising from District Council’s new comprehensive recycling system.

Priority Role for SeSaME: Energy conservation, reduced consumption and an emphasis on renewable energy sources.

Targets: Village Freecycle style exchange scheme. Loan of electricity monitors. Recommending information and support sources


FLOODING. The devastation of the 2007 flood was still high on people’s agenda and the Sedgeberrow Village Flood Group has been crucial in looking at future responses to taming the river. 82% of households wanted all the relevant authorities to resolve the flooding issue.

Priority Role for SeSaME: Liase with The Flood group to explore ways in which the rivers flow might be reduced, combined with enhanced wildlife habitat, and harnessing the power of the river to generate energy.

Targets: Working Party to explore all avenues.


GRAPEVINE. Unfortunately, given the support the survey highlighted, the Grapevine has had to finish. 189 Households (90%) said that they read the Grapevine every month and 49 Households (23%) expressed interest in receiving their copy by email.

However SeSaME are now responsible for

Priority Role for SeSaME: Re-establish strong communication channels with village residents.

Targets: Edit, publish and deliver a new village newsletter, to all households. Email copy to those who request the service. The new bi-monthly magazine is now the Sedgeberrow Post, delivered around the village and available  on-line here on the SeSaME website. Those who have requested it receive an email reminder at the beginning of the relevant month. The Sedgeberrow Post costs are currently met by a combination of local advertising and income from the annual Oil Buying Club dividend.

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