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PV Installation in Sedgeberrow



In June 2010, Mel and Chris Wilson had a photovoltaic system installed on the roof of their house in Sandfield Lane. It is a 12 panel 2.22 kWp system which means that in full sunshine this is the maximum the system can generate. The roof is south facing which is ideal for a PV system, although in this case the gable end will cause partial shading in the winter months when the sun is low in the sky.

The system was installed in one day with very little disruption. The system consists of (obviously) the panels which are attached to the roof. These are, in turn, linked to an  AC/DC inverter which is placed as close to the panels as possible - in this case in the loft. Cables are connected to this and run to the electricity meter and generation meter which is placed by the fuse box - this shows how much electricity has been generated.


The feed-in-tariff was introduced in April 2010 and is guaranteed for 25 years. On a system such as this, which is under 4kWp and installed on an exisitng building, the tariff is 41.3 pence on every kWh generated whether it is used or not. This tariff is linked to the RPI and will be increased every year on April 1st. (From April 1st 2011 the increased tariff will be 43.3 pence per kWh).

Export tariff

This is the tariff which the electricity suppliers pay for any surplus electricity which is exported to the National Grid. In this case, as we don't have an export meter and the supplier doesn't know how much is actually being exported, the amount is deemed to be 50% of the amount generated. This, at the moment, is 3 pence per kWh.

What this means for this system

This system should generate 1840 kWh per year. If this happens, then the payout this year will be as follows:

Feed-in-tariff                1840 x 41.3 pence  = £ 760

Export tariff      50% x 1840 x 3 pence         = £  28

Total                                                      = £788

(Next year the feed-in-tariff will incease to £797)

2nd February 2018: Do bear in mind that the Feed In Tarrif (FIT) has also been significantly reduced since 2011.

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