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PV Newsletter - June 2011

Photovoltaic systems – how they really work


This is my fourth and final newsletter about my pv panels. The 2.22 kWp system was predicted to generate 1840 kWh of electricity but thanks to a wonderful spring has generated 2040 kWh. So the payments we will receive for the first year are as follows


2040 x 41.3 pence = £842.52

50% x 2040 x 3 pence = £ 30.06

making a total of £873.12



The amount of electricity we have used has dropped dramatically.


Last year 2/06/09 – 31/05/10 we used 5739 kWh

This year 2/06/10 – 31/05/11 we used 3571 kWh

Saving a total of 2168 kWh

On our tariff that is a saving of approximately £200


On a green note the panels have saved 877 kgs of CO2.


Conclusion – yes they work brilliantly.


Since having the system installed over a year ago, prices of photovoltaic panels have dropped considerably, so anybody who was put off by the high cost might like to obtain further quotes now.

2nd February 2018: Do bear in mind that the Feed In Tarrif (FIT) has also been significantly reduced since 2011.

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