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Electrical Monitoring

If you are worried at how quickly the price of your electricity is going up, this is where you can start doing something about it.

First stage - Find out how much you are using and times usage hits the roof.

If you have a smart meter you are already there. If not then your supplier might offer you a free portable one. Contact them. Failing that, don’t buy one yet. SeSaME has a few spare that they can lend you, so that you can see how they work before you buy your own and know that you will soon get your money back.

Second Stage - Discover where it’s going and how much of that is wastage.

Ask questions like: Is my insulation up to scratch? Are we leaving things on when they aren’t being used? If we have a lower night time rate, why don’t we fire up things like our washing machine in that time schedule? Do my electrical fittings have a high economy rating?

Try this: Check your monitor just before and after you switch an item off. What difference does it makes? Be prepared for a shock when you check out your kettle or hairdryer!

Have a look at what Wychavon District Council have been doing to reduce energy consumption here:

View your house on the County Council’s Warmer Worcester Heat Map

Bear in mind that the data was gathered in January to March 2009. Taken only when the temperature was between 1 and 4 degree Celsius and there was no snow cover.

Check with your energy supplier about the availability of Monitors and Standby Energy Savers. They could have cost saving offers.

Blow your mind! Have a look at what’s going on in Cropthorne’s Autonomous House in the Vale.

Third Stage - Act on the areas where you can reduce wastage.

Take a peak at this page of the Worcester County Council “Green Directory” for any help and advice that they can give. These links below will also take you to sources of good advice.

Visit the helpful Act on Energy website:

Fourth Stage - Find out how much you are saving and gloat.

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