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Reports to Parish Council

Residential Development of 20 Dwellings – Land to rear of 43 to 57 Main St, Sedgeberrow.

Reserve matters regarding Condition 19.


I asked the Parish Council at the 14th July meeting if they had heard at what stage planners were regarding the enforceable details under condition 19 on the outline consent. (See my 14th July report)

Those plans and supporting documents are now available, with villager’s own comments to be submitted by Monday 3rd September

They include an Energy Statement, responding to Condition 19, parts of which I find unclear and which I ask Councillors to also seek clarity on when they respond to the application at the 12th September meeting.

I plan to submit the following responses to the planning application’s Energy Statement.


Questions regarding the Energy Statement


  • a) It is not clear as whether all the buildings will have solar panels at construction and also whether their orientation is adequate to the task. Going by scale, with a power specification of 19.1kw, and considering an average domestic unit of 1-4kw, then it appears that it will only be some south-facing roofs, rather than all of the houses being suitable for and provided with solar panels.

How many houses will be built with solar panels installed?

  • b) Heating is shown as gas, which raises important questions in a rural area:

It’s presumably LPG, as Sedgeberrow has no access to mains gas. This means   delivery by road, possibly by 20 individual tankers?

Are there to be single tanks, with individual contracts, or a shared central tank providing a separate metered delivery to each house? Both systems have known and undesirable practical consequences in a rural area.

LPG would appear to be the least appropriate, or efficient, renewable energy   measure that might be considered for this rural new build site, even with my questions answered.

More so given the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy’s (BEIS) Future Framework for Heat in Buildings, with its “Key Deliverables”: Phase out the installation of high carbon fossil fuel heating (domestic and non-domestic) during the 2020s starting with new build. Reduce barriers to low carbon heating deployment.

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