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Zero Carbon

Zero Carbon Housing and Rural communities without access to mains gas.


I attended this Tewkesbury conference in 2018. The summary below outling Government plans for the 2020s underlines the critical importance of future new builds in Sedgerberrow embracing renewable heating and a high level of insulation. The new owners of the 20 new houses with a liquid paraffin gas (LPG) heating system being completed in 2019 could face difficult and expensive choices if faced with boiler failure later in the decade. Mike Parker. SeSaME Chair.


Future Framework for Heat in Buildings
OFTEC Conference 19.06.2018
Richard Vianello (BEIS).
Overarching objective - to design and implement a clear post RHI framework for domestic and non-domestic buildings through to the 2030s to:
• Reduce barriers to take up of low carbon heating and cooling with reduced reliance on subsidy;
• Sustain a viable supply chain for low carbon heating beyond the RHI, whilst not closing off options on the longer term decarbonisation pathway

Key deliverables:
• Phase out the installation of high carbon fossil fuel heating (domestic and non-domestic) during the 2020s starting with new build
• Reduce barriers to low carbon heating deployment

The Clean Growth Strategy published in October 2017 has a very clear focus on the challenges and opportunities involved in decarbonising heat in buildings.
This included announcing:
• Improving standards of the 1.2 million new boilers installed every year in England and requiring control devices to help people save energy
• Phasing out the installation of high carbon fossil fuel heating systems in new and existing buildings during the 2020s, starting with new build.

Government’s intention to consult on:
• Improving the energy efficiency of new and existing buildings
• Raising minimum standards of energy efficiency for rented buildings
• Exploration of voluntary building standards and how these might support improvements in the performance of business buildings

The Buildings Mission –
At least halve the energy use of new buildings by 2030
On 21st May, the Prime Minister announced this ambitious mission as part of our ‘Clean Growth Grand Challenge’.
This will be achieved by:
• making sure every new building  in Britain  is safe, high quality,  much more  efficient  and uses clean heating
• innovating to make low energy, low carbon buildings cheaper to build
• driving lower carbon, lower cost and higher quality construction through innovative techniques
• giving consumers more control over how they use energy through smart technologies
• halving the cost of renovating existing buildings to a similar standard as new buildings, while increasing quality and safety

Richard Vianello, Renewable Heat Incentive & Heat in Buildings Deputy Director at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy's (BEIS). 19th June 2018.


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