Welcome to SeSaME

SeSaME was launched ten years ago, aiming to open up a treasure trove of renewable energy, informing, encouraging and supporting a sustainable village community exploring, and where possible, acting on the activities listed above.

We began by alleviating the heavy traffic and pollution from kerosene deliveries with a community oil buying scheme, but constraints of tank ownership made a similar arrangement for bulk LPG too difficult. Our experience of producing and self printing a bi-monthly village magazine, the Sedgeberrow Post, from 2012 to 2019, enabled us to produce useful summaries of our activities over two five periods, which you can reference here now.

SeSaME’s contribution towards Sedgeberrow’s energy sustainability could justifiably be said to have slumbered, alongside the nation’s, in the last four years. There have been some opportunities in other areas though and members were boosted by being declared the overall winner of the 2016 Wychavon Intelligently Green Awards. With our recent award of a Stage I revenue grant from the Rural Community Energy Fund – details to follow – there will be lots to do.