Oil Buying

SeSaME website oil buying details. 09.03.2021.

Sedgeberrow Sustainable and Manageable Energy (SeSaME) has been hosting a basic bulk oil buying group, centred around a single supplier since 2010, advertising order dates and the buying process through the Sedgeberrow Post. (go to www.sesame.me.uk and click on the kingfisher). It enabled fairly consistent, reduced prices and gave a modest dividend that they could use for the group’s wider administrative costs, whilst reducing both pollution and the hazards of heavy traffic, whilst improving our overall carbon footprint.

SeSaME then utilised new software, recommended by Wychavon District Council, that enabled them to launch a new online buying system. Its new title is the SeSaME Oil Buying Club. SeSaME knows that the new software will enable them to obtain even more competitive prices from a range of oil suppliers. All for a similar level of administrative effort. It also means that they can now offer club membership to residents of the following villages, as well as Sedgeberrow: Ashton under Hill, Aston Somerville, Beckford, Childswickham,, Conderton, Dumbleton, Elmley Castle, Hinton, Kemerton, Overbury and Wormington, thus increasing the club’s buying power and prompting more competitive prices. The better prices and any dividends can then be shared with those neighbouring  villages. It has meant that Current membership is 279 and rising. February 2021 order was for 53,100 litres to 76 Club Members at 40.74ppl + Vat. Register now at http://sesame.oilbuyingclub.com if you buy oil, live in any of these areas, and are interested in joining our Club. The next order deadlines are: Sunday 7th March,  – Sunday 4th April – Sunday 2nd May, Sunday 6th June and Sunday 4th July, all on the first Sunday of the month. Do keep a close eye on those tank levels and don’t leave your ordering to the last minute if they get low. No computer! There is a way. Contact Mike below.   For Further Information Contact: Club Manager: Mike Parker Email: energy@sesame.me.uk. Mobile: 07949200207. 2019/2020 Village dividends earned by Oil Buying Club members: Ashton under Hill £259, Aston Somerville £54, Beckford £224, Childswickham £16, Dumbleton £104, Elmley Castle £100, Hinton £78, Kemerton £35, Overbury and Conderton £225, Sedgeberrow £593, Wormington £23.