Sedgeberrow Sustainability Group wins RCEF Grant

The Rural Community Energy Fund (RCEF) is a £10 million programme which supports rural communities in England to develop renewable energy projects, which provide economic and social benefits to the community. RCEF provides support to rural communities in 2 stages: stage 1: grants of up to £40,000 for a feasibility study for a renewable energy project stage 2: grants of up to £100,000 for business development and planning of feasible schemes

SeSaME Grant Award Press Release. 26th January 2021

Sedgeberrow Sustainable and Manageable Energy (SeSaME) is pleased to announce that it has received a £34,060 grant from the Rural Community Energy Fund, via a competitive grant competition, whilst congratulated for a project that: “stood out as being both innovative and having substantial social and community benefit.”

“SeSaME members and villagers, with the aid of consultants Sharenergy will use these funds to explore ways of identifying how the community can move to low carbon energy sources, create a Village energy map: produce an energy information booklet and undertake community energy research,”

“Consultant funding for local energy feasibility studies will significantly help the village’s move to low carbon energy. Delivery and collection of the survey by volunteer villagers will be key to a successful return for Sharenergy’s work,” said SeSaME co-ordinator and Chair Mike Parker.

SeSaMe members will edit and produce an energy booklet for householders available online: deliver it in hard copy to all Sedgeberrow residents, and promote it amongst nearby rural communities. We plan to share more widely our exploration of the feasibility and practical challenges of community energy production, combined with retrofitting houses for conversion to heat source energy.

Existing resident’s solar installations will be reviewed: potentially new sites sought; and exploration of battery systems linked to the local grid support. Potential commercial take up of locally generated community energy through power purchase agreements as a possible benefit for the community will be explored.

“Sedgeberrow with 360 plus households, all without mains gas, many reliant on high carbon Oil and LPG heating systems in poorly insulated houses, will benefit  significantly from such a wide ranking analysis, said founding SeSaME member, and key village player,” Richard Hunt.

SeSaME was launched ten years ago, aiming to open up a treasure trove of renewable energy, informing, encouraging and supporting a sustainable village community. The aims were: to alleviate heavy traffic and pollution from oil delivery; remove litter; increase the energy efficiency of private and public buildings through increased insulation, solar energy creation and heat source heating systems; to explore any potential for generating community energy. Their achievements were recognised in 2016 when SeSaME was declared the overall winner of the Wychavon Intelligently Green Awards. With this recent award of the Stage I revenue grant from the Rural Community Energy Fund there will be lots to do and plenty of opportunities to come.  To follow our progress you can find us on our revamped website www.sesame.me.uk;