Walking around Sedgeberrow

As far as sustainable and economical travel is concerned walking takes some beating. It has little impact on the environment, needs virtually no special equipment, and the fitness benefits of regular walking are well known. Furthermore in Sedgeberrow we are fortunate to be able to get out into a beautiful and peaceful landscape from our own front doors.

The most basic walk which so many people enjoy is the mile and a bit around the village, and of course incorporates the famous Sedgeberrow hill. If this walk is extended to the end of Sandfield Lane and back then it becomes a healthy two miles in distance. In addition we also have the inner village public footpaths which can be used to add a bit of local variety to a shorter walk.

We are also lucky to be in the centre of a network of public footpaths which lead out of Sedgeberrow to the north, east, south, and west. Hinton, Aston Somerville, Wormington, Dumbleton, and Ashton under Hill are all within three miles of our village. The routes to these villages are on linear paths, but they can easily be linked into circular walks, which are pleasant and nearly traffic free.

Adventuring beyond our neighbouring villages, it is also possible to get to such places as Evesham, Broadway, The Cotswolds, and Bredon Hill entirely on public footpaths, but of course this takes a little bit more time and planning.

If you want to discover more about our interesting network of public rights of way Ordnance Survey maps are unbeatable. Our locality is covered by map numbers OL45 and Explorer 190, and they are usually available from bookshops and newsagents. However a worthwhile investment is a 10 kilometre radius map centred on Sedgeberrow, but this must be ordered directly from Ordnance Survey.

Finally if you do decide to go for a walk beyond the village, please make sure you:

1) Tell someone where you are going.

2) Carry a mobile phone if you have one.

3) Wear suitable clothing and footwear.

4) Take a drink and a snack.

5) Keep to the “Country Code” regarding litter, gates, dog control etc…

If you have any queries or need further information don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Meanwhile happy and healthy walking!!

Dave May. (Sedgeberrow Footpath Warden) Retired

The Parish Council is pleased to welcome Paul Mahony of 16 Winchcombe Road to the role of Footpath Warden. Please let him know if you encounter any problems with the public rights of way network within the Parish.